Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nokia N900: In a week ?

The Nokia n900 has been confirmed to start shipping pretty soon - most
probably in a week. As usual the Indian subcontinent has been left out
of the initial release. Bummer.
The N900 it seems is Nokia answer to the iPhone - with a keyboard
tucked in for good measure. This device is more of a portable computer
than a mobile phone and it takes the nSeries line further in it's
array of phones featuring cutting edge technology.
1GB of RAM and an uber cool ARM Cortex A8 processor takes on any
number crunching that comes it's way. The DSP is clocked at 430 Mhz..
And add to that the OPEN Gl 2.0 graphics. This phone has got serious
Wow factor dudes!
Oh and did i tell that it ships with my favorite browser preinstalled,
the Mozilla kind =)

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