Saturday, November 7, 2009

Opera Mobile 10 beta: Verdict

First Glance:
This is just opera mini 5 beta with a different name and packing 10
times the size. Mini had been somewhere around 400kB in size but the
Opera mobile 10 comes in at around 4MB. Most of the transition need
have been refined. But sadly i still haven't been able to fine the
synchronise button.
Upon trying to load orkut on my Nokia N95 i was bombarded with alerts
of Low memory even though the Opera browser was the only active app.
And orkut didn't load either. Later i tried it in the turbo mode with
images off and things seemed better until the 3rd page when i started
to run out of memory again.
Compared to the mini, data transfer rates are huge even with the Turbo
feature on. And in my experience, this has resulted in a sharp fall in
Final verdict: It sucks. Doesn't even come near in providing a good
web experience.

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