Tuesday, July 24, 2007

PoWeR UP !

PoWeR UP! your NSeries. Nokia says that it's not one thing but many, in-order to make the most of that clause you'll have to do some serious tuning in the battery pack so as to make the most of your N95. And don't worry because the problems can be sorted with these tips..

Extending your Battery Life

First switch of your WLAN,you can always scan manually if needed, but it saves your battery life if you manually scan.

Next turn the connection mode from dual mode to GSM as we don't have any 3G cells in India. Searching for 3G consumes a great amount of power than you can imagine and switching it off will give a noticeable difference in battery life. To do this, go into 'Tools | Settings | Phone | Network' and change 'Network mode' to 'GSM' this will stop the N95 hunting for 3G signals.

Watch what applications you leave running in the background - some games and Java applications are especially processor hungry, even when in the background.
When using the N95 as a navigator, with display and GPS both active, do yourself a favor and buy a Rs.420 12V charger, so that instead of draining the battery at light speed you'll be gaining extra charge.

Animated Screen savers, i don't see much point in having them running when your not there anyway, and u can save a bit of battery just selecting Date and time, To do this Tools / Settings / general / Personalization / Themes / Power saver and select "Date and Time".
Reduce screen display times, To do this Tools / Settings / General / Personalization / Display / Power saver time set to 1 minute (minimum)
Reduce Light time out To do this Tools / Settings / General / Personalisation / Display / light time out, Set to your preference.

And if that's not enough:

I- Alternate Charging.

II-Alternate BAttery.(only for N95)

III-More ideas!(NeW!)

Pump it Up people 'cuz u deserve it.

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unicorn said...

buddy these are excellent thnx a lot

diLin said...

ur welcome anyime mann..

Adharan said...

dude wats a 12v charger???? r u talkin bout a car charger??? and if iis not a car charger wre is it available???

DiLin Anand said...

yes! it is a car charger, they have a 12v input rite? ;)

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