Thursday, April 8, 2010

Device sales over March 2010

Tom Hanna just sent in the device sales data for the month of March 2010. The data has been acquired by monitoring the aggregated data from their software sales.

Compared over previous months, sales seem to have taken a big dip this time.
Name                               March      Feb
XpressMusic 5800:        35.2%     (20%)
Nokia N97 series:          29%        (56%)
Samsung Omnia HD:     25%        (7%)
Nokia X6:                       4.48%     (2%)
XpressMusic 5530:        02.8%     (8%)
XPressMusic 52xx:        01.6%     (7%)
 Last month the Nokia n97 had driven sales at an astonishing 56%, but ever since Nokia's public acceptance that the device is a disaster it's sales have slumped big time!

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