Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nokia n900: Clocking 800MHz

And there you have it, a 800MHz clocking Nokia n900 - that's a 33% overclock over the stock 600MHz and it's all thanks to Letho's kernel. Titans kernel was also available but i felt an inclination towards this one. It's also a ultra low voltage kernel, which means that in this case the processor is running at (an assumed) 1.14v which is lower than the stock by a couple of milli volts. And that's more than enough to create a difference.

Overclocking the n900 is a real tough job because unlike 'traditional' overclockable systems this isn't a PC with fans or other active cooling systems - it's a phone that has features crammed into it so much that there's no space for anything more. Any extra heat that might be generated due to misbehaving code might fry the device and your pocket with it. This is a good reason to not keep your n900 in your pants pocket.

I'll let you know in a few days how i get along with the 800MHz n900 and of any stability/heating issues that hopefully won't crop up. If all goes well i might move onto overclock this baby all the way to 1GHz - and maybe fry an egg while I'm at it  ;).

Read the previous n900 overclock post here.

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