Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nokia n900: What's your clock speed?

After hacks that made overclocked the n900 were made available by Lehto and Titan the question on everyone's lips had been why Nokia didn't do this itself in the first place. Possible answers include:
  • Greater Stability at lower clock speeds.
  • Lower power loss due to heat which also accounts for longer lifespan.
  • Increased battery longevity.
  • Fewer defective devices at the production level.
Then they probably had spaced it out some to accommodate for hardware tolerance. To get a better idea on what you can expect from overclocking your n900 I'd recommend you to check out Jaikmans Guide.
If you have a Nokia n900 that you want to overclock (or fry..) then head over to the Overclock WiKi at 
But first you have to keep in mind that:
- The lifetime of your device will get reduced
- You could lose the data in your device (file system corruption)
- Every device is an individual, what is stable for others might not be for you
- If you encounter ANY unusual problems, lower your clock frequency
- You do it at your own responsibility. No whining after wards. If you're unsure, don't do it.
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