Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nokia Management undergoes a slew of changes

Anssi Vanjoki, the head of Nokia's mobile solutions unit, is resigning following the appointment of outsider Stephen Elop as chief executive of the world's biggest cellphone maker. He had been working with Nokia since 1991.

"This marks the end of an era at Nokia and could signal further management changes to follow," UK-based telecoms research firm CCS Insight said in a note.

Nokia's chairman, Jorma Ollila, who led Nokia's transformation from a rubber boots-to-TVs conglomerate into a mobile phones giant in the 1990s, also said on Friday he intended to step down after helping with the CEO management change.

Jorma Ollila, Nokia's chairman, said he will step down in 2012 to allow an even greater transformation for the phone maker as it struggles to stay on top.

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