Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crazy Indian Government

As part of security measures by the Indian government ahead of the double trouble of the CWG and the Babri Masjid hearing, they've put in place some very intuitive plans to curb communication among wanna-be terrorists and villains.

They do this by ordering Indian telecom service providers to monitor all individuals who send more than 10 messages per day and all companies who send more than 100 messages per day!!!

Are they dumb, or is just that they're downright crazy?

Every teen i know texts more than a 100 sms per day and if these people think teens in India are a minority think again.

The telecom guys are sure gonna be busy the coming weeks.

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Anonymous said...

you are right,even a school going student do that no: of msgs;
you named it right "CRAZY GOVT"

DiLin Anand said...

ha ha yea,, dumb people doing crazy things, our govt always makes people laugh..

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