Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nokia N8: Will we see it?

Update: Nokia N8 has been sighted at outlets.

It had been revealed by Nokia India that the flagship Nokia N8 will be launched by the end of the third quarter, that is by end of September. But so far, there has been no news of this highly hyped device, which leads us to believe that the N8 will be delayed like every other flagship that Nokia has brought out since they started the NSeries line 5 years ago.

Contacting the guys at Nokia has seen them denying the fact that the Nokia N8 is delayed.
Bloggers from Nokia have posted on their official blog that the N8 will start shipping by September end. They also did say that some customers’ pre-order might get delayed to mid-October. The reason for this delay has been cited as huge demand for the handset. !

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