Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Personalising the N95 - the Vaja way !!

Pamper your N95 with the new leather cases from Vaja. Known as the
"Ivolution Holster" these cases are way cool and are practically the next
best thing to naked ;)
They gaurantee to give you some really serious bragging rights(as if havin a
n95 wasn't enuf :D).

One of the other things that i found amusing is the fact that the
phone when equipped with the vaja case takes on the look of a US
Edition N95. And all these days i was sad thinking of how i'd show my
face in front of those with the US phone.

Another thing that I like most about all Vaja cases is how perfectly well
they are designed for their particular SmartPhone. Rather than a standard
"sleeve" design that would work with all the models,
Vaja has taken a
different strategy - they create cases that are completely customized to the

The Vaja case adds bulk to the N95, but because the leather is thin it
doesn't make any difference.

As usual the Vaja leather is superb. It's superbly soft with excellent
finishing, it lies perfectly taut on the phone, giving it a really
beautifull face-lift. After using the N95 for a few minutes with the
ivolution holster, the regular matt finish looks extremely boring.
Another feature that demands to be praised is that the standard
buttons are cloaked by a leather and fabric jacket that morphes the
buttons to a way cooler design. I loved the way how the leather bends
and weaves around the phone in a smooth curvy kind of way.

Chek 'em out guys and you'l know why I'm so happy, I always liked my phones
to be as close to the real thing as possible and not like people in jackets
looking like Eskimos with all that thick covering. If you don't get what i
mean you could go
here. Check out the post, especially the 1st pic shown there - it looks like a burger with a n95 fillet!

Well, fear no more with these chic casings from Vaja. They'l protect your
phone and look good doing it!

Pros: Looks Good, Feels Good, Beautifull Leather, superb fit, gives it the look of a US edition n95 or even the 8GB if you try.

Cons: Tad too expensive - but the value ain't bad, there are some creaks initially - but they soften up with use.

Verdict: Go For It!

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