Monday, April 14, 2008

Spotted: N96 in white??

SWB had found the N96 in white at the Nokia Europe website. And it had been later passed of as a hoax.. a part of an April Fool Joke as Vaibhav Sharma had said.. but it seems there is actually an N96 in white.

These pictures were mailed to me by a buddy I met in Orkut, and it seems it's gonna be released in Q3 next year. Taking Nokia's past practices into account, Q3 must be when they predict the sales of the N96 to get sluggish. Like Vaibhav said:

"Generally Nokia releases a product, it sells like hot cakes and then after a while when the sales drop the release a Black version and the sales catapult gain. Well this time it seems, they are going white."
Well let's see if it really does come out!

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Anonymous said...

this is just the black one where the colours have been inverted, look at any other official nokia image and see how the shading works, always darker on the left, and lighter on the right, look carefully at the joins in the face, around the buttons and at the base of the screen..

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