Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sony Ericsson K850i

The K850i slams down its rivals with its winning combo of bona-fide camera flair and excellent
picture quality. Undoubtedly the best camera phone around,
It might have been beaten to the five-megapixel punch by the likes of the Nokia N95,
Samsung G600 and LG Viewty U990 but Sony Ericsson has been quietly plotting
an imaging revolution. This HSDPA Cyber-shot aspires to be like its standalone
brethren, displaying features, tricks and mannerism normally associated with a wholly dedicated
digital camera.

Some pictures that a friend of mine took of the Sony Ericsson K850i - the only Sony Ericsson phone that I've managed to
not hate! Don't know why but I just adore the k850i, maybe it's the looks - not sure though..

Read about the N95 vs K850i..

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ROHIT said...
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ROHIT said...

sony always do something special in its cypershot series. Nice review view its another more deep review at

skyline100 said...

plz guy,SE do nothing speacial...
Nokia rule always..

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