Saturday, April 19, 2008

NSeries - How it all began

We have been hearing and witnessing the popularity of Nokia Nseries phones from quite a long time now. But did we ever wonder as to how it started. Well to be very exact, it was 27th April 2005, when the Finnish giant Nokia, shook the mobile industry by announcing a new brand of multimedia devices. They decided to call this sub-brand with a simple and easy-to-recall name of "Nokia Nseries". The Nseries phones are developed and marketed by Nokia's multimedia division.

The main aim behind the launch of Nokia Nseries was to completely change the people's perception of the brand from a handset manufacturer, by taking them from mobile telephony (Nokia) to multimedia computers (Nokia Nseries). Nokia Nseries is for people, who are early adopters when it comes to technology and innovation. It is an ideal choice for gadget freaks and technology stylists who are always on the look out for new devices and gadgets.

Now question arises that what does the Nseries range offer? Portraying it in simple words, they are convergence mobile devices that support digital media services such as music playback, video capture and photography along with mobile gaming and Internet services. All Nseries devices support at least one high-speed wireless technology, such as 3G, HSDPA, or Wireless Lan. These devices have some ground-breaking features such as Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, navigation facility and GPS receiver.

The first three Nseries phones that came out were N70, N90 and N91. After few months time, Nokia again came up with some new Nseries phones such as N71, N80 and N92. Pacing forward rapidly, Nokia launched four more devices such as N72, N73, N93, N75 and N95 in 2006 & 2007. Where as N95 8GB, N81, N81 8GB and N82 came in the year 2008 and rocked the world with their design and feature-rich functionalities. And finally in 2008 GSMA held in Barcelona, N96 and N78 were unveiled. They are feature packed and even compete within themselves in some cases.

By introducing these above revolutionary devices, the world's biggest manufacturer brings a mix of latest technology and design - empowering people to change their lifestyle in whatever they do. People no longer need to take laptops, digital cameras or camcorders with them. All they need is a Nokia Nseries phone. In short, they have not only changed the way people communicate but also provided them with an option to carry light and work better.

Nokia Nseries is the forerunner in setting up a new market of converged devices. After looking at the trends and development of mobile devices few years back, we will be surprised to know that there were no competitors back in 2006 that could match their offerings.

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Sarah Shaukat is an experienced writer who possesses in-depth knowledge of cellular industry and specializes in the areas of latest mobile devices, mobile content and mobile application development. Her new project "Everything about Nokia NSeries", aims at analyzing the impact of Nokia Nseries devices in the cellular world.

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