Friday, April 4, 2008

N95 8Gb posed to get a new firmware update!

A whole new firmware update for N95 8GB is due to come out and it brings with it automatic screen rotation and support for new combo memory. Firmware 20.0.016 (V20) should improve the overall performance as well as fix known bugs and problems from previous versions.

The Changelog:

New features:
Automatic Screen Rotation (ASR)
Support for new combo memory added

Improvement when creating a voice call from WAP page.
Improvements to embedded video functionality in browser.
Sending email via browser flash plugin improvements.

Mail in HTML format handling from Gmail IMAP server improved.

WLAN connection stability improvements
BT connection stability improvements with certain BT headsets
USB connection stability improvements

Voice call handling improvements after certain type U.S.S.D message receiving.
Stability improvements to gallery for case when there’s lot of content in Gallery
Improvements to switch application
Voicemail icon handling improvements

Localization corrections:
Deletion of all contacts now possible even more than 6000 contacts in phonebook
Startup functionality improvements

Courtesy Symbian Freak

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