Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sony K850i vs Nokia N95-1

Images of the K850i vs the N95..Pitch black image capture: The K850i9(2nd) with Xenon Flash vs the Humble LED of the N95(first). Image lighting is fully based on the flash here.
Medium Darkness: Phone has to focus the glass in dark conditions.. since the glass is the object it'll be more difficult. N95 is first with K850i second.Normal photography: The n95 image had too much of blue in it.
Close-up with Flash: I love both of them - they seem to have their pwn personal effect on the image.

Result: Image capture using the K850i is excellent in perfect conditions with good lighting, but when the light gets dim the photos suffer a lot. The n95 has excellent photography software but the flash ain't good enough.

The title picture was taken using a N73ME - i should say that when i took an image in the 3MegaPixel setting the N73 turned out to be the best!

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Anonymous said...
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Matt said...

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