Saturday, April 12, 2008

Convert Your N95 into the Music Edition !

To convert your N95 into a custom made Nokia N95 Music Edition that is cooler than the real thing; what you do is relatively simple and cheap. Buy a black case from Brando for 9$ and use it to swap your silver standard Nokia case with their Black one. And change the battery cover if you like. Now move over to Vaja and get yourself one of their plush leather Ivolution Holsters - in black(obviously). I have done the reviews for these cases in this blog.. the housings are here and the Vaja is here.

Moreover you can get yourself a 4/8GB microSD and plug it in - it's known to work with the N95 without any problems as far as i know. Now you have your phone tuned in for some serious bragging rights.

For the dudes out there with the Dark Plum color i recommend using the black case because maroon and black are a perfect match for each other. Together they make a deadly combination!

For the people out there with the Sand color I recommend using the white case because white and gold go hand in hand and it will be done perfectly here. Just don't change the battery cover..!

Now you go out for a stroll with your very own customized N95 and give all the other N95ers out there a run for their money :D . Have fun guys !!!

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