Monday, September 15, 2008

N95 classic gets v30 - hurray!

Nokia Software Updater

An updated firmware, v30.0.015, has been made available for the Nokia
N95 classic. Updates include the latest versions of Nokia service
applications (Nokia Maps 2.0, Share online 3.0), inclusion of the full
N-Gage client and smaller updates to a number of applications. The
updates also adds automatic screen rotation to the N95 classic while removing the rotation when the phone changes to multimedia mode using the slider. While the update is being introduced elsewhere, it has still not been made available in India for this regions product codes. }:(

Ofcourse a lot of people are very much appreciative of the new firmware update.
Slightly older models have lots of advantages:

- More reliable firmware thanks to updates (or if there aren't many updates, such as on the N93, you'll know to avoid the phone by then)

- More reliable hardware, as they will have had time to sort out manufacturing problems

- Much, much cheaper than the launch price because early adopters aren't buying any more

- Easier to get hold of as there won't be supply problems with older models

- Lots of compatible accessories

- Greater choice of colours

- Developers will have had plenty of time to make their apps compatible with the model
Really the main reason people buy phones close to their release dates is just to show off about it and feel like they're at the cutting edge, but that's just an emotional advantage rather than a practical one.

If you mainly want a phone for practical purposes, buying a model released 12 or 18 months ago is actually a very good idea.

The N95 is the perfect example of this, it was an appallingly unstable and expensive device at its launch in early 2007 but it's now a good solid fully-featured reasonably-priced and reliable all-round multimedia device.
as said by Tzer2.
[Image058.jpg]Seen or heard about the Nokia N95 Smoked Edition?

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