Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sony Ericsson Launches Xperia X1 SDK

Things appear to be better for the Xperia X1. Sony Ericsson has launched the SDK for it which means software creators out there can start inventing new Windows Mobile applications for the handset.
The SDK runs on visual studio so it will be quite easy for developers to start working on new apps. Testing them won’t require an actual Xperia X1 phone since all testing can be done straight on the PC where the handset is emulated.
The SDK release should suggest an official launch closing in soon. From what we know, Sony Ericsson has confirmed a Q4 release without suggesting any actual dates.

Sony Ericsson's been having a tough time lately, but there are still plenty of fans eagerly awaiting its Xperia X1 smartphone. Well, the company released an SDK today that should mean the X1 will be available soon.
One of the impressive aspects of the X1 is its gorgeous 3-inch touch screen that will have multiple panels for quickly launching applications. Today's SDK will enable developers to create these panels for different types of applications like music, games, e-mail, and more. The SDK's free and includes things like an X1 emulator, sample code, and Microsoft Visual Studio templates.

I've yet to get a hold of this smartphone, but it looks like the right size, and I love full-sized QWERTY keyboards. There will be built-in Wi-Fi, assisted-GPS, Pocket Office, and HSDPA 3G with up to 7.2 Mbps download speeds. There also will be a 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus and video recording capabilities -- but I stopped caring about a phone's camera a long time ago.


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varul said...

Look so good and the curved sliding type is different from all others. Eye catching mobile phone.
Developers doesn't need to take their notebooks every where they go..

When will be the Xperia smart phone available in the market?

d@xz Potter said...

your right..its a good piece of gadget..its already available..

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