Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mapsters Game Offers Free 6210 Navigator

The Mapsters is one of Nokia’s various marketing creations, designed to be appealing and offer an interesting way to learn about a specific product, in this case, Nokia Maps. They’re a dinosaur, a monster, and a robot that show you around Nokia Maps. Aside from the exploration aspect, they’ve also got a competition up and running over at the Mapster’s site, with the grand prize being a free Nokia 6210 Navigator.
The game is rather simple - you’ve got a simple map of the world, and a city will pop up along the bottom of the game area. Your goal is to click on the map as quick as possible, as close to where that city is actually located. Don’t be fooled, it sounds rather simple, but it’s alot harder than you’d think. You get points based on how quickly you click, as well as how close to the correct position you are.

My record is 135k, though that’s nowhere near the 268k that others have posted, so you’ll have to be pretty nimble to have a standing in this little competition. You can play here, just click on ‘Competition’ at the top of the site.
Source: symbianguru

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