Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NGage - how they all add up

I'd got a phone stuffed to the brim with Ngage, the handset being none other than the 8GB edition of Nokia's gaming device the N81 8GB - built for the Ngage gaming platform.. It was stuffed with a variety of games, and in order to judge their popularity I had done a little test. I had given of the handset for everyone in my hostel to play for 2 weeks. The points beside each title shows how much of each game has been completed - which in turn is proportional t it's popularity.
  • Asphalt 5
  • Block breaker 1
  • Space impact 3
  • Brothers in arms 4
  • Brain challenge 1
  • Fifa 2008 1
  • Snakes subsonic 0

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