Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Review: Nokia Mini-Speakers MD-6

The Nokia MD-6 is a portable speaker for your mobile phone but also for your MP3 player or Laptop.
The MD-6 comes in a grey, small and thin package with following slogan on it: ” My music, everywhere, with me”. I’ll come back to this slogan later on.

The MD-6 is a speaker with a candybar format. The two speakers are hidden and are hold together by magnets. This is a really cool features since these are portable speakers which need to be resistance against scratches, dust and so on. Once you opened the speakers you can see a little LED lighting up in a white colour . This LED reminds you that the speaker is on and is ready for using.
The speakers doesn’t look really nobly nor cheap. It is made completely out of glossy plastic or at both ends matte which looks due to the black-red colour really stylish and modern. The cable is approximately 73cm long and can be stretched out of its cradle when needed what is really convenient and handy. It has a 3.5mm plug which is perfect for the N95, N82, Mp3 players or laptops. More over you can find two Audio Adapter for 2.5mm audiojack ( E66, E90, E77).

The package contains:
Nokia Mini Speakers (MD-6)
Nokia Audio Adapter (AD-63)

Nokia Audio Adapter (AD-52)
Nokia Carrying Pouch
4 AAA batteries
User guide

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