Sunday, September 21, 2008

Symbian Application: Enhanced Calculator for S60 - Updated

Enhanced Calculator for S60 has been updated.

Change log:

Calculator should work now in Samsung devices (and maybe other manufacturer devices with QVGA screens) too
In some devices (S60 3rd Ed. FP2) Calculator was installed to a separate Applications folder. This is now fixed.

About Enhanced Calculator

Tired with the age-old Nokia S60 calculator? Here is a new one with advanced features and improved usability.

Key features:

- Standard calculator
- Scientific calculator
- Loan calculator

In essence, this is the same calculator application that is pre-installed in several Nokia phones based on Series 40. The purpose of this beta trial is to evaluate whether or not to replace the standard S60 calculator with the one used in Series 40.

Download the new verion of Enhanced Calculator:
Download (.jar, 77 KB)
Download (.jad, 5 KB)


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