Monday, January 11, 2010

Nokia e72: Bugged

The Nokia e72 sure isn't bug free. The latest one to cross horns with
me being with the Themes inbuilt into the phone. If you put a
slideshow for the wallpaper all goes until you change the mode from
Business mode to Personal or vice versa. A change in mode removes the
current wallpaper and we have to wait for the cycle to restart. Not

Another bug that I encountered recently is with the email app. I
didn't get this bug to show up on my device but some users have said
that they find the email account registration to work in personal mode
even though it failed in business mode. Fluke?

Oh and Nokia Messaging, it still isn't responding to my login. Bummer.

Lets just hope the next firmware update takes care of these minor
albeit frustrating problems out of the phone. If they don't i'll just
chuck this handset into a river.

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