Friday, July 1, 2011

Accessories: Samsung Galaxy S2

Case-Mate Pop For Samsung Galaxy S2 - White/Black 
The Case-Mate is available in three different colours: black/grey, pink/grey and my favourite white/black.  They're available for pre-order now but what's fantastic about these cases is that they have kickstands which are perfect for watching movies and they also have a raised bezel which means that the screen is also given protection from the case.

The case is made with a soft interior material giving it maximum protection from drops and bumps. The high gloss, durable plastic on the back of the Pop case protects your Samsung Galaxy S2 from impact and scratches making sure your Galaxy S2 says looking new. The sides of the case features a slightly raised bezel which is designed to protect your Galaxy S2's screen when the phone is dropped face down.

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aaron said...

do they have any bling cases for s2? Like this one

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