Friday, July 8, 2011

Otterbox Stand offered free with Ocase

The Otterbox case
The OtterBox for the Apple iPhone 4 will offer your device the ultimate safeguard, with a slim and sophisticated look. This case is designed specifically for the cool Apple iPhone 4. And what do you get out of this carefull design? Well it has been engineered such that it has 3 layers of protection. Also it allows you to use your iPhone 4 whilst its in the case while simultaneously providing access to all ports and features.

The Otterbox Stand
 The Otterbox desk stand is designed such that it can fit any mobile phone or MP3 player. With a base large enough to hold any cell phone like the Nokia X3, you can be sure that it’ll offer a nice and comfortable fit for any device which you place in the holder. The stand doesn’t feature any side arms which allows you to place your phone or MP3 player either in a portrait or horizontal rotation which makes it easier for you to be able to view your videos, play games, search the internet and even use FaceTime !

To get the free stand:
Enter 'OTTERSTAND' at checkout.

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