Friday, July 8, 2011

LG Opimus 3D

Here is one of the world's first smartphone with which you can watch 3D images glasses-free! That's right, you can vies 3D without using anaglyph glasses or nVidia Shutter glasses. The LG Optimus 3D promises to change the way you interact with a phone. Press the Optimus 3D's dedicated button and you're enjoying a beautiful 3D display, press again and you're back to 2D - not that you might do it.

The Optimus 3D uses clever technology called the parallax barrier to create the 3D effect by showing your left eye and right eye slightly different images, and 3D display's effect in games, film, and even navigation screens is fantastically convincing. You must've lernt about the parallax error back in high school physics.

Aside from the 3D content, the Optimus 3D is a high-performing smartphone with smooth navigation and no lag. It offers superb performance when web surfing, running apps or enjoying multimedia content thanks to the cutting-edge dual-core processor. The Optimus 3D sports LG's biggest screen, a 4.3 inch WVA resolution touchscreen.

There are two 5 megapixel cameras on the back. That's right two! They let you instantly capture stunning 3D photos or video. The cameras record in HD quality at 1080p in 2D or 720p in 3D. There's also multiple connectivity options such as an HDMI output and DLNA, so you can watch your images on your 3D TV!

Sim Free LG Optimus 3D

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