Monday, July 4, 2011

iPad2 & iPhone4: Gumdrop

iPad 2 cases and iPhone 4 cases by Gumdrop - they're great rivals to the Otterbox as they offer great protection. One of the major poins is that these cases have multiple layers, as you can see above. The multiple layers provide the phone with better g-shock protection as the layers act to muffle the shock if the device falls down or is banged against something. Of course these layers also mean that you'll need to try harder to fix 'em up correctly.

Some of the cases even include screen protection so every inch of your iPad 2 is covered. But I'm not sure if they have any adverse effect on the effectiveness of the screen - there is bound to be some due to the increased thickness.

If you're looking forward to buy some gumdrop cases check for the Gumdrop cat page.

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