Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Android App: Wunderlist

Review: Wunderlist    Android App
All of us have a lot to do or get done on a daily basis and what turns out to be an increasingly tedious job is mange this “To-Do List” 
Wunderlist comes as a saviour, especially if you switch devices frequently throughout the day. This is not just available as an Android App but also for iPhone and iPad, PC, Mac and online.
 This app will help you manage your time management. Yea, I know, it looks like nested time management principles are the new fad. Thinking of it is giving me a headache..
Wunderlist comes with user friendly interface, customizable backgrounds with great ease of use. The process is simple like adding a note, adding a due date to it, setting a reminder and save. It also allows you to do more than this by allowing to sort the data stored by you.

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