Friday, September 23, 2011

HTC Titan and HTC Radar

HTC have got two new mystical handsets coming out: the HTC TITAN Sim Free and the HTC Radar Sim Free - the TITAN being the HTC/Windows phone with the biggest ever screen and the Radar being one of the only handsets to be crafted from a single piece of metal!

The TITAN has a n ultra-slim body design (it's only 9.9mm thick) and a speedy 1.5GHz processor, which when combined with the massive 4.7" display makes breezing through apps and programmes easy and a joy.  Camera wise the TITAN houses an 8MP camera, with an F2.2 lens and BSI sensor, so all your images will be of an extremely high resolution - meaning you can show off your snapping skills and impress all your friends with the quality.  We're selling the TITAN for £509.95 and we predict we'll have it in stock early October.

The HTC Radar also has the impressive F2.2 lens but uses a 5MP camera instead.  Where the Radar does shine though is when it comes to social media as it is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter - so you'll always be connected with your friends and see their latest status updates.  The Radar runs Windows Phone OS 7.5 (Mango) and has a 3.8" touchscreen, so like the TITAN it's speedy and handles multiple apps easily.  Both handsets have entertainment at their core with apps like HTC Watch, Zune and Xbox LIVE all available, so you've got access to movies, music and gaming at your fingertips.  We're selling the Radar for £334.95 and we predict that like the TITAN we'll have it in stock at the start of October.

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