Friday, September 16, 2011

Nokia brings out a gold phone

The final handset is for those of you who like a bit of 'bling' (I hate that word :/) - It's the new edition of the Sim Free Nokia C3-01 but this one is the 18 Carat Gold Edition which gives the handset a real premium, expensive look.  Luckily for the Nokia C3-01 the handset doesn't just look good, it actually performs!  It was the first Nokia handset to incorporate both a touchscreen and an alphanumeric keyboard in it's design and packs a 1GHz processor to help you storm through your work and complete multiple tasks at once.  There's a 5MP camera housed in the handset and more features for gaming and messaging than you could shake a stick at.  The Nokia C3-01 is a great handset so it's no surprise to see another edition of it being released - this one being sold for £209.99

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