Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Motorola Droid Bionic

It's a very good handset and holds the distinction as the sole option on Verizon to provide both LTE and a dual-core processor, which is a compromise you're forced to make with the carrier's other phones. It also features an excellent high-resolution display. 

The Droid Bionic has pitiful battery life so if this puts you off (and extended batteries aren't your cup of tea), you should take a good look at theDroid Charge ($300). It features excellent battery longevity, along with an attractive Super AMOLED Plus display and a superior camera - at the loss of a dual-core processor, of course. Finally, if you want a quality smartphone without the insane price tag, the Droid X2 ($200) provides a good value with a faster Tegra 2 CPU and a thinner enclosure -- although, the lack of LTE connectivity is a frustrating omission.

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