Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Boeing 787 delivery begins - will you be flying in one?

The Boeing 787 a.k.a Dreamliner is built with the perspective of what future air travel should truly have. Having seating capacities of 250-290 people and having upto 3 classes this aircraft is built with passenger comfort getting top priority. It comes with a beautifully designed spacious interior with spanning ceilings and arches. The seats in the business classes are top notch and looked deliciously comfy. The windows have lost the conventional shutter and now work on a electrochromatic technology that is really cool. These planes are powered by a choice of either Rolls-Royce GM nextGen engines that have 20% lower sound with increased fuel efficiency.

The first customer who has taken delivery is All Nippon Airways. It's available in 3 configurations starting from $150 million to $200 million and is has 7-% of it's components sourced from outside America.

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