Saturday, August 25, 2007

Personalising the N95 - the Brando way!!

It's always great to own a N95, more so when it's different from the one that everyone else owns. The standard N95 that comes with the silver face is nice but how would you rank one that comes with a black MusicEdition style face? or a pink one for gifting your girl? or how 'bout a blue one that looks super cool?! Wouldn't it be great?? Ofcourse it will - and that's why I decided to review some cases from Brando.

The cases i received are from Brando - and I must say that I really
liked their cases. The case package includes a front plate, and a
battery cover for added customisation(you could perhaps put your own
graphic or text on it if you have the time and creativity to do it),
but I don't use the battery cover..I'm happy with the face housing

The silver housing is sort of like a ditto of the Original Nokia
Product and is an excellent cheap replacement part which will save you
the trouble of dealing with the Nokia Care Center which I absolutely
detest(of all the cases that i have had with the NSC only a rare few have
been positive). And i must say that with the complete silver suiting on the n95 it does look kinda sporty !!

Then comes the Black Housing. Put it on and you have a phone that
could easily be mistaken for the much hyped Music Edition itself! The
finish is excellent with a slightly glossy effect similar to that of
the actual Music Edition about to be released.

Gifting your girl friend a N95 would be the best gift ever. But what
if you have it with a cute lil' pink housing that comes with a soft
smooth finish? Now that would be really something 'cuz she'd know that
you really put your mind into giving her something nice, rather than
just spending money on the best in the market. And when her friends
see the pink N95 they're bound to ask about it. nice eh? ;) Did you know that Darla Mack also has a pink one!!

Finally comes my favourite - the Mystic Blue colour gives the N95 just
the effect that it needs! Coming in a matt finish this is the ultimate
touch that you can give your beloved phone. LUV IT!!

So what are you waitin' for?? Go get yourself one of these chic
housings and get all the bragging rights that you deserve. Even the other N95 users will be there looking in awe at your handset :D
Bathe yourself in the glory of your creation!!

Price: 9 US $.

Pros: Finish, Price.

Cons: Durability.

More N95 Style Tips??

Note: All the Panels used in the above pictures have been supplied by Brando. If you are interested in any of the panels you can order them at Brando.

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