Saturday, August 18, 2007

New N95 coming to town !!

A few days ago i had blogged about a rumour concerning another N95 coming to town. And it's turned out to be true! Not only that, but it's coming out with the same name as well!! And Nokia says that they respect Customer Satisfaction.


But the thing is, the new n95 seems to be the perfect phone to be nokia's flagship. The nokia team has sorted out all the problems that had been plaguing the old n95 ( OLD?? i jus' bought it a few months ago!! ) .

For instance the battery problem has been solved by including a far more powerful battery in the phone that has around 1200 mA. The battery problems had been a major part of all debates concerning the N95, especially in the N95 VS iPhone fights.

Also improved is the multimedia buttons and the back part of the phone. I really like the new multimedia keys - the old ones were a little more difficult to press as they were in the same level. The new ones protrude out thereby increasing it's usablity.

The rear end has also been modified to accomodate the new bigger battery - by removing the camera cover as well as sinking the camera set-up into the body removing the protrusion that used to be there thus making it comparatively thinner than before.

The graphic work has also changed comparatively with an added nseries spoiler in addition to the usual NOKIA(see the images).

According to Ricky Caden of SymbianGuru the old battery can be used in the new phone but the new battery can't be used in the old phones.. is gonna be gettin' some real sad customers...

Courtesy SymbianGuru and Ricky. thanks buddy :)

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Anonymous said...

this is GREAT! i wonder when itll come out though, i havent found any dates upon when its coming out. would it be available by the time october or september comes by? i hope so =]

diLin said...

according to what i heard i should be out by september..but taking nokia's history it may as well turn out to be october...

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