Friday, August 10, 2007

US 3G Nokia N95 Getting Battery Upgrade!

It seems Nokia has upgraded the N95 for the US market, taking care of most of the problems that it had faced earlier.

The first is that the thing finally has US 3G. It's 850/1900, so you're cruising on AT&T's HSDPA network at speeds up to 3.6mbps. That's fast.Of course, you can still fall back to EDGE, if you're out of area. Worldwide travelers should know that they did remove the 2100 HSDPA.

Then, the battery. Oh, that puny battery.. it's been upped to a whopping 1200 mAh!! That's a competition to the add-on battery released by Yoobao even!!! 'Course the Yoobao battery is at 1400mAh - but it destroys the looks. The Nokia BL-6F fits in there all snug and gives the N95 the power it so desperately needs. Compare that to the previous N-series Battery Overlord, the N73, with 1100 mAh.

The phone is said to be shipped along with a 1GB microSD to take care of the memory needs that it's 5MP camera would want.. not to mention the rate at which the camera sucks up memry when in video mode with it's 30FPS shooting rate.

There are also rumours going around that the RAM has been boosted up to 128MB. Qith that kinda power i wonder why they didn't add that NVIDIA GoForce Graphics too.. then the n95 would be the ultimate multimedia device on the face of this planet!!

Oh and by the way, the BL-6F doesn't get into the old n95s :( . From what they've said the BL-6F needs more space in the battery compartment. If this phone does come out, then it'l be a really bad day for all euro n95 users out there..

Symbian-Guru says:
Finally they're throwing the US a bone and giving us a leg up over the European market.

Oh well..i guess life's like that...sniff


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