Tuesday, August 14, 2007

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N95 vs iPhone
Hey, what i think is both these phones are for different segments. I mean the n95 is usually bought for it's features by people who understand computers and modding. People who have n95's usually mod and customise them heavily and have(2have) an indepth idea of softwares and computers. Also the styling is way off when compared to the iphone.

The i-phone on the other hand is aimed at the cool dudes out there. These people don't need a 5mp camera( cuz they're not photographers?) nor the gps(not going trekking!) nor the dual slide...which is a waste of time and very clumsy too - being full of bugs. And besides.. who needs a double slide when you have a super cool touch screen that even lets you pinch it!

But in the end i bought myself a n95 :P..

Why i bought it??..

There are 4 problems for the average iphone user, and they are:
1. Virtual keyboard, how fast can you write on this ? Teens and a lot of adults today are SMS maniacs.
2. You can't use it with one hand.
3. No 3G. "What's the point of a multi-media device that can't deliver rich content!"
4. Low camera resolution.

100 iPhones in a stack would be: 1160 mm tall
100 N95s in a stack would be 2100 mm tall

Clearly the iPhone fails to stack up to the N95.. ;)

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