Friday, August 10, 2007

NVIDIA GoForce 6100

the Highly Integrated and Power Optimized Mobile Multimedia Experience

Running highly integrated media features on your phone often meant that there had to be a trade off between battery life and multimedia content processing and voice calls. This no longer has to be the case.
The GoForce® 6100® is a highly integrated multimedia applications processor that combines the flexibility of highly optimized DSP technology with hardwired acceleration to deliver the ultimate power optimization – consuming less than half the power of other application processors available on the market today. As a result, the NVIDIA GoForce 6100 delivers rich multimedia features to the mobile entertainment and communications market, enabling mainstream users to enjoy more – more moments in their life with more time left on the battery life. An ideal mix of interfacing, connection, integration, multimedia and ultra-low power features, GoForce 6100 has been designed from the ground up to enable fast time to market for award-winning connected and mobile products in 2007 and 2008. Key Features
  • Dedicated high performance 250MHz ARM1176JZ-S core
  • Hardwired acceleration for all processing-intensive multimedia and security functions
  • H.264, WMV9/VC-1, and MPEG-4 at up to VGA resolution, 30fps
  • Up to 10 megapixel camera sensor support
  • Support for all available DRM formats
  • Fully integrated, high quality analog audio subsystem
  • Integrated TV encoder and video DACs
Key Benefits
  • Ultra low power consumption even when running high-performance media features
  • Compatible with multiple network standards, including DVB-H, ISDB-T and DMB
  • Turn key, flexible and highly optimized software and multimedia firmware platform for shorter design cycles
  • iPod quality audio playback
  • Dedicated imaging pipeline for high performance mobile photography
  • Drives LCD displays up to WVGA resolution
  • S-Video TV-out
  • Connects to any network – Up to 3G cellular (HSDPA), WiFi , Bluetooth, GPS, WiMax
With chips as advanced as this already in the market, i think it will probably drive out PowerVR out of the mobile market just as it drove them out of the PC market. Probably within the next few years we may have ultra-portable gaming consoles. Come to think of it, the N95 is already a small gaming console by it-self!

I mean with the TV out cables and the advanced high-performance chip that drives it, the N95 did give pretty impressive results when i played System Rush on the TV. Try it out sometime - i'm sure you'll like it.

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