Sunday, September 2, 2007

MSN Live! on the Nokia N95!

The title kind of rhymes doesn't it ! Wow - this could be the start of a beautiful relationship between me and poems ;)

Anyways, moving onto the topic, i just found an app for incorporating MSN Live! onto out N95s. I installed the Windows live app and I now have an authentic MSN Messenger running on my N95.

I tries to run and it did run albeit slowly, but that's probably because I only has a plain vanilla GPRS signal - EDGE in Kerala is only available rarely(don't even think about 3G!People will laugh at you!!). It looks good but I'd prefer the Agile Messenger any day.

You can Download Microsoft Windows Live Client v1.0.614 to your PC here.
You Download the client directly to your mobile from and enter this key: 853651.
Important: Install dep.sisx before the other file.

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Anonymous said...

The 853651 does not exist anymore :-((

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