Wednesday, September 19, 2007

N93i - the rest of the story..

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There are a lot of problems with the new N93i, mostly coming up due to the new design and form. For instance the mirror screen up front has been designed to facilitate using minor features of the phone without opening it and for seeing incoming call IDs. But when you stand outdoors the visibility of the screen reduces drastically - so much so that you'll have to bring it up to your eyes and twist and turn to get an angle that let's you see the screen. Problems with the form factor also arise such as a misalignment of the front face of the phone as well as some play..mostly towards the left. But on the looks front it really does looks good..!


The new improvements include a joystick for side control when using the camera, buttons on the screen for added user friendliness, good Zeiss lens cover, stylish sim access and a battery similar to the n95 - but which lasts noticeably longer.

The Metal keyboard scores way high on looks and durability but is in the pits for usability..a real pain for my poor lil' fingers they've been. There isn't much of a divide between the buttons except a flimsy rubbery thing and the delete button is microscopic, you'll have lots of trouble with that little thing!!

Easy to use, with design elements of a handy cam, the N93i's Imaging Capabilities are similar to that of the the N93. Noise reduction is the same though the stereo effect has been found to be comparatively lower. Another bug that i found was that the brightness decreases upon zooming using the optical zoom. This is a real bad situation, because there isn't much use with a Optical Zoom camera if you can't get more detail into it!

Another thing i took note of was that the subject can see himself on the front screen and get an idea of what he looks like when the picture is taken. And girls could use it for putting on make-up and applying lipstick..creative of me isn't it?...


The speakers are garbage compared to that of most other recent releases from Nokia.. it doesn't even come half way near to what the speakers of the Nokia 5700 can do! What good is a N-series multimedia phone if you can't even use it for hearing music?? Nokia seems to be losing it's touch here...

And so in the end the N93i is yet another expensive phone in the market today, and will be so until the next Nokia N-Series handset comes along.

N93i Wares:
Games ( Symbian S60 v3 )
Softwares ( Symbian S60 v3 )

looks some what like a transformer doesn't it?? or like a lap top computer perhaps ???

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

great lil' phone.. doesn't look like one though ;D

Tim Weems said...

I believe it looks like a Laptop Computer Too.

Tim Weems said...

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