Thursday, September 13, 2007

Behold the N93i!

Just like a cruiser bike the n93i comes thumping in, in a much more elegant way than the previous N93. Both are equally powerful handsets with minute differences here and there - especially in the looks and it's feel.

The handset was sent to me by WOM-World(thanks guys) and these are my..

First Impressions...

It comes with a large mirror backed screen featuring a smooth silver outline that reminds you of the much hyped Apple iPhone. Coming in a two-tone color design with a dominating Camera Housing it's definitely way up in my charts in looks. The Build Ergonomics are excellent and it definitely feels expensive(unlike the n95).

It comes featuring the new screen technology of OLED which is incorporated into it's mirror finish front, upping it's points in the style segment. The beautiful sculpting and styling makes it an elegant and durable phone - a first for nokia!
But ofcourse we all know that Nokia never creates a perfect phone for fear of affecting the sale of their other phones. And (probably)because of that the N93i too has it's share of complaints and bugs. More about them in the coming posts..

N93i Wares:

Games ( Symbian S60 v3 )

Softwares ( Symbian S60 v3 )

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