Saturday, September 8, 2007

This and that - V12.0.013

These are certain things that i've started noticing after I installedu
the l8test N95 firmware.

1. The gallery button flashes on and of when the backlight goes of and
when the screen saver is activated. It looks real neat..reminds me of
the range indicator LED in the n73.

2. It fails to register about a quarter of my key strokes..and it
ain't a hardware problem!

3. Unlike popularly said the music player doesn't start with 2 strokes
of the multimedia menu - it is activated with a single long press of
the same key.

Those are all the differences noted till now..if you have any
suggestions feel free to comment.

P.S: I've heard that the v12.0.014 update is here.

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