Thursday, September 20, 2007

Symbian Review

Every Symbian developer knows that the most of mobile applications for new Symbian devices have to go through the special certification, a Symbian Signing. For many small development companies this new initiative of Symbian has turned to a plaque and made the development of Symbian applications not interesting financially. Symbian market becomes to be dominated by companies, not single developers.

In this article we want to give some tips for Symbian application developers.

What does the Symbian Signing bring?

There are some benefits and some drawbacks as always.

Beneficial is this mobile software certification system first of all for the consumer. Buying the certified applications the consumer can be sure that there is a certification authority that has tested the application, so it can not crash the system or include viruses.
The main drawback is felt by the developers. They have pay more, wait unpredicted time for the certification and have to fill out many papers to pass the Symbian Signing.

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