Sunday, December 21, 2008

Symbian s60 v3 Themes !

Get your free Nokia themes below!

If you are having problems with themes please read the following posts before asking questions: "certificate error" and "expired certificate"

Guess what guys!! A kool guy has designed a skin for Windows Media Player based on our beloved NokiaN95,chek it really is cool and the perfekt addition for the Windows Media Player driver that the
computer comes bundled with. Really nice I must say - kinda like a virtual n95.

=>N95 SKiN<=

N95 theme
This here is a theme put forward by Zach of Symbian In Motion- a blog about our beloved Symbian OS. It's a real cool theme and i absolutely love it, pretty stunning too.Chek it out..

i95 Theme ;)

This theme caters to those of you who do not plan to go for a iphone but yet like it's feel. Get urself ur very own iphone theme, just make sure you don't let anyone drool right over your phone ;)
To download it from your PC, click here

CLick on the title to download the theme..
Purple bouque
Very rich colouring!

Mac Apple

The cool elegance of a mac,,


It's a wow theme!
Ain't they cute? :)

Cool Reaper

This guy is definitely cool!
Another Green theme
I seem to have a hidden penchant for green..

No Fear

Have no fear, it works..

Cool as usual..
Cool Reaper with a difference
This reaper is froma different era!
Windows XP emulator theme

Wind (default icons) by ICEman
(also available with customized icons)

Nseries 4 by ICEman
Nokia Abstract Style by ICEman
Abstract5 (default icons) By PTWS
(also available with customized icons)
Abstract7 (default icon) By PTWS
(also available with customized icons)
Extra themes: --> CLick here !
Hope you all enjoyed these themes,, there'll be more to come and I'll be glad if you can donate some of them yourself! :)

Most of these themes are compatible for the
N95, N78, N96, N76, N82, n81, E50 , E51 , E60 , E61E61i , E62 , e65 , E70 , E90.

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