Friday, December 5, 2008

GPS action - location dependent actions

Screenshot of GPS-Action - software for Series 60 Screenshot of GPS-Action - software for Series 60 Screenshot of GPS-Action - software for Series 60

This cool software works a lot differently from the rest, making sure things don't happen to you at akward instances. Depending on your geographical location GPS-Action will fire alarm, open the application, change profile, launch the website, open a document or a certain application for you. Bluetooth status change included, of course.

No more time lost with GPS-Action: your mobile knows the right time and right place!

GPS and Cell ID positioning: available to all S60.3 devices, also without GPS.

There are two types of location positioning: GPS positioning and Cell positioning. GPS positioning is very precise. It is achieved via satellite and it is available for the devices with built-in GPS or external GPS-receiver. This location type has its drawback: connection to the satellite is not possible through walls. So if you are inside, your GPS position will most probably not be retrieved.

For this case, and also for the devices without built-in GPS receiver, we have the second positioning type: location by Cells. Cells are available at all GSM operators, it is the mast where your mobile is receiving the information about the GSM network and your mobile operator. This info is available everywhere, where the GSM network is available. However, the CellID positioning is not so precise. As the GPS positioning, sometimes cells are situated far from each other, so the area for your landmark can be vast enough

Key Features:

Alarms and actions performed silently, as soon as the geographical target is achieved

Recurring alarms and actions with many scheduling conditions

Variety of actions include: change profile, change BT status, open document, launch application, launch website.

Action frequency can be restricted for the case you are approaching the same landmark more then once

Time range for the action or alarm can be restricted, you will not be bothered at night.

Two types of geo positioning: based on GPS and Cell information

Available for all Series 60.3 devices, even to those without GPS receiver.

Full synchronisation with native Nokia Landmarks

Minimal alarm playtime can be set, as well as personalized alarm note

Customizable alarm sound for every single alarm.

For Symbian OSBuy Full Version ($9.99)Download TrialGPS-Action User Manual

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