Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dropped your gadget in water?

It's Christmas time, and everything'll be hectic. But what happens when things get so hectic that you drop your handset in a tub of water or ur ipod in the gravy while cooking? Well there's nothing you can do to get your ipod back alive but the wet handset can be given a second chance - after all it's Christmas ! It's actually a neat trick involving uncooked rice and your phone (don't worry, u don't have to cook it!) So there you have it, a really ingenious way to dry of your wet phone.
You could also try condom-proofing your phone, after all - prevention is better than cure ! :)

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Mobiles said...

condom proof huh. That gave me a heck of a laugh. ;p I think the rice idea works.

DiLin Anand said...

i don't see why the condom idea shouldn't ;)

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