Thursday, December 11, 2008

Are the new "mobiles" getting out of hand ?

It really seems to be so, at least from what I've heard it seems theses latest cell phones are getting way too sophisticated to keep the term Mobile. Nokia saw that and termed it's phones to be Multimedia Computers but does that justify buying them ? I mean for the price of one of the new Nseries phone to hit the market, the N97, you could go get yourself a decent laptop which would still give you sufficient mobility with way better performance. Sure it wouldn't fit in a pocket, but who'd ever see films on your mobile phone or take on business while you're getting the only leisure time that's available these days - commuting. I don't if i'm wrong here but for me and most of my friends the only leisure we get is on the bus or the train - and in India trying to read or even use your mobile while on the bus is a very bad idea.

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