Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Play A Foosball aka Table Soccer Game Powered By The Accelerometer

Thats right. With a flick of the wrists just like in real Foosball you wind up your player and smack the crap out of the ball. If your one of those that can't resist a foosball table then this game is for you. I have a few friends that are Foosball junkies.Two students from the University of Applied Sciences in Austria are behind this project.
Benjamin Gmeiner and Yen-Chia Lin are developing a table soccer game that uses the accelerometer in S60 phones like the N82 and N95 to control the players. This is a watered down version of the popular game which is just two against one, two players and a goalie. Holding the phone in landscape, tilt left and right moves the player across the table and rotating the phone towards you and away will wind up and shoot the ball.
I found this yesterday over at the Forum Nokia Blogs where developers hang out and share what their working on. This application is developed with the Python language and I'm finding that Python is the easiest code to work with for developing applications and games for S60. I have a small application in mind that I think I'm gonna try. Keep in mind however this game is still under development and in beta phase. You can install it on your phone and see what they have so far.
For now head over the the article where you can read more about this game and find the download link. Make sure you have the latest version of Python installed.Foos your heart out!

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