Sunday, July 22, 2007

Casing your N95 in Style!

There are a lot of leather cases out there in the market these days and since most of them are kind of like free size you can use them for any phone. But it really takes the elegance out of a phone and makes it looks plump and stupid. It may offer protection but i think the crystal cases offer enough protection as it is. What i'd really recommend would be the cases shown below. These cases hug along the curves(& edges) of the phone and still offer considerable protection.

But ofcourse there amybe folks out there who couldn't do without a leather cover, for them i'd say that the leather cover that the N95 comes with is good enough.

It matches the colour of your phone and is really firm enough to withstand pressure-somwthing that is really needed when you try to insert your n95 into the pockets of a tight jeans.

the case showed here looks like a hamburger to me..


These are the style-up covers for the Nokia N95 from
They have replacement front and back covers for your phone. These housings are perfect if you like using your phone in all it's naked beauty and they offer a variety of colours to choose from too.
Why, you could use a different color for each day or use to match your clothes! Unlimited possibilites!
I'l send u a personal review when
Brando sends one to me as they said they will.
You can see it's review here, and you can buy them here.

Nokia N95 Silicone Case

This is a silicone case for Nokia which is made using an innovative silicone material of high durability as well as incorporating an organic anti-dust technology. These cases are available in colours like ice, pink, blue & black. Really looks ultra-modern!

Crystal Case for N95

The crystal case for the N95 made by Brando is made of high quality clear and hard plastic to protect as well as provide maximum visibility. It perfectly fits the shape of our N95 and offers spaces for the keypad and other buttons. At 8$ it offers great bang for buck and is available through Brando.

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