Wednesday, December 26, 2007

And we bring to you..

Hey guys and gals! Guess what, Nokia's very own WOM-World is going to send me a N800 next week so that I can spend some time reviewing it. And since I won't be needing my N95 then, I'm going to send it off on a vacation - to the Nokia Care Center - for some rejuvination therapy ;) It seems to be a little out of shape lately, with creaking slides, light leaking sides, and a multimedia button that makes a ticking sound..not to mention the system crashes! They seem to have increased after I updated to v20!! It's been long since I've played with a touch last touch was a 7710. Anyways, the N800 posts will start rolling in a week, so if anyone has anything that you want me to try out on it, just ask. Ciao!

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