Saturday, December 29, 2007

Mail for Exchange

If you're using Exchange for the corporate email, you should install the Mail for Exchange application. Mail For Exchange program will provide you with access to your Exchange mailbox.which also features push email. This way you won't have to check for emails each time, the email are pushed to your phone the second they arrive at your mailbox so that you get them instantly.It's Very handy, andyou can even set it up so that it doesn't push any emails in the weekends! :) Tip: The application doesn't work with the normal "TDC WAP 3G+GPRS" setting, since it uses a proxy. You have go use a non proxy setting. You can get the TDC non proxy setting by going here and choosing the "internet" setting.

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Anonymous said...

great program for email!!

Team M4MaLaYaLi said...

thanx daaaaaaa

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